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Cheer Gear

5 Must Have Items for Your Cheerleader Survival Kit

From your hem coming loose to sitting on something and getting your bloomers dirty, there are plenty of things that can happen while you?re in uniform. Any cheerleader knows that to be confident, you have to be prepared. Anything can happen, and you have to plan for the unexpected. Keeping a cheerleader survival kit is a great idea. Whether you?re a competitive or game-time cheerleader, these items can help you against emergency situations that can arise....(more)

5 Great Cheerleader Gift Ideas

Cheerleaders are like any team. The bonds you create with your fellow members last a lifetime. At the end of each season many cheerleaders give gifts to fellow squad members or coaches. Create the perfect cheerleader gift idea to help your squad remember you by. With dedication, creativity, and a little bit of love you have what it takes to come up with the perfect cheer gift....(more)

7 Great Cheerleader Ornaments

Help your cheer enthusiast share her Christmas spirit. Cheerleader ornaments typically are handmade or store bought. You can find them year round online. Stores that carry Christmas decorating supplies will typically carry at least one of these cheerleading designs during the Christmas season.These ornament designs can be...(more)

5 Cheerleading Dolls

Dolls are often used as childhood toys. They are manufactured using a variety of materials from plastic to porcelain to bisque. When searching for dolls, you can look them up by color, size, material the list goes on and on. Girls everywhere enjoy dolls. They purchase dolls and accessories that showcase their interests. Cheerleading dolls and accessories are becoming more readily available, and professional teams are constantly finding ways to sell new gear....(more)


Different Exercises to use a Stunt Strap with

A stunt strap is one of the most important tools for any young cheerleader or gymnast to purchase. This item can be purchased for less than $10 at most sports supply stores and can last throughout your entire career. The tool can be used for many positive things and has many health benefits. It can also help you avoid injuries that might cripple your future performances....(more)

Most Amazing Cheerleading Pictures of All Time

It isn't until you watch cheerleaders perform live on the sidelines at sporting events that you begin to get a true understanding for what they do. Cheerleading is a difficult task that is often overlooked, disrespected, and underappreciated. The men and women work just as hard for their sport as other athletes do in theirs. They just do it without all the acclaim and rewards. One way for these athletes to get that acclaim and respect is through videos and pictures. There are thousands of cheerleading images online that will leave you in awe of the work they do....(more)

All About Cheer Teams

Cheerleading squads aren't just for high school and college aged students anymore. The sport has evolved to the point where there are yearly competitions pitting countries against each other. Some cheer teams are expected to do well. Others have been pleasant surprises over the past few years....(more)


Quotes Meant to Inspire Cheerleaders

It doesn't matter what team sport you are taking part in, your coach needs to find a way to inspire and motivate you to do more. A coach is there to teach you the correct mechanics for things and to help you grow as a person. The younger athlete is, the more important it is for the coach to instill these ideas on their kids. Among the ways coaches motivate their kids is by using inspirational cheerleading quotes to help guide them through tough times....(more)

How to Use Cheerleading Score Sheets to Your Advantage

The more prepared you are for something, the better off you will be. It may sound clich?, but it holds true with just about anything you can do in life. The more prepared you were for that big test in school, the better you did. The more pre-game preparation football players have, the more likely they will be able to do what was expected in their game. In cheerleading, the better prepared you are for the judging criteria you will see at different competitions, the more you be able to prepare a routine catered for high scores. By looking at cheerleading score sheets in advance, you'll know exactly what to do....(more)

Most Inspirational Quotes to Tell Your Cheerleaders

Competing as a cheerleader is much like any other sport out there. It takes dedication to get to the top. You need to work together with your teammates in hopes of putting together a flawless routine that will show the audience that your team is one of the best. Just wanting to be the best at something isn't always the only motivation that needs to be used. There are inspirational quotes for cheerleaders that are meant to help support them when they are down on themselves or just feeling stressed....(more)